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About Us

   Anzalone Guitars, A small custom workshop specializing in high quality hand crafted guitars and professional stringed instrument repairs, located in Blauvelt NY. Here is a little about me and how I took the plunge into the world of Lutherie. 


   I started exploring woodworking at the age of eight when my parents gave me the greatest gift for Christmas, a jigsaw. That's when I began creating small wood projects in my basement (baseball bats, cutting boards, paper caddy's, race cars, etc.). Moving forward, I became so intrigued with woodworking that by age fifteen I got my first real job with a home Improvement company owned and operated by a long time friend and neighbor. It was clear that I was meant to be working with my hands, and becoming obsessed with perfection, I was supervising jobs by the age of eighteen. By age twenty-five I started a custom carpentry and home improvement company. Work was never scarce. Shortly after, as my obsession for perfection intensified, I enrolled in The College of Aeronautics. Now this is where precision really came into play. You see, in aircraft mechanics there is virtually no room for mistakes as tolerances greater than a 1/1000th of an inch are considered unacceptable. The challenge was amazing and it was by far the greatest education that I have had. This mindset of perfection spills over into my work as a Luthier. In 2012 I put my thoughts to paper and designed my first guitar. Three weeks later I found myself in Portland Oregon working under the supervision of one of the greatest Luthiers in the county, the well known master, "Charles Fox". I returned to his shop three more times to further educate myself. As I explored different approaches to building and repairing guitars, my instincts led me to a Canadian Luthier Jeremy Hamm. His techniques and knowledge of Lutherie are so extraordinary, sensible and comprehensible. There isn't a question he cannot answer. Such an amazing teacher that I attended his course six times. We became great friends and I plan on re-visiting many more times.  


   That is my story. With the grace of God I will continue to be blessed and have many more years of doing what I love. We all have a special bond with our instruments, so when "yours truly" arrives at my shop, I'll make sure it's going to get the ultimate care and attention your money can buy. 



                                              Al Anzalone 

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