Guitar Setup




Guitar/Bass Mechanics and Setup Course

2 Day Weekend Course.

(Sat/Sun) 8-10 hrs/day


2020 Schedule - Spring/Summer

April 4th/5th 2020 (Class Full)

May 2nd/3rd (Class Full)

May 16th/17th 2020

June 13th/14 2020 (Class Full)

June 27th/28th 2020

July 18th/19th 2020

August 15th/16th 2020

Nut making workshop

Fabricate (3) bone nuts - Fender, Gibson and Bass

Theory, Carving techniques, Nut removal, String Spacing Rule Use


2020 Schedule - Spring/Summer

July 11th/12th 2020 (1 Slot Left)

August 1st/2nd 2020

An action packed guitar frenzy weekend getaway course. The course is designed to get you familiar with Guitar and Bass mechanics (the physics and scientific approach to how a guitar/bass transmits sound) as well as in-depth setup and nut making lessons. You will become familiar with fixed bridge, Floyd Rose and standard tremolo operation. Lets face it, the Guitar is an amazing instrument. Some take for granted the inner workings and just pick up and play. Others are intrigued, they become fascinated (like me!!) and are willing to do their own setups and repairs on their instruments, which could lead to owning a small guitar repair business. WARNING: For some, this could become highly addictive.



Scope of Course:

Electronics Familiarization
- String frequency
- Pickups and their operation, electromagnetic induction 
- Guitar Circuits
- How volume and tone potentiometers work
- How capacitors work in a guitar circuit
- Treble bleed circuits
- Switch operation
- Grounding
- Shielding

- Action
- Intonation
- Truss rod adjustments
- Pickup Height
- Bridge and tremolo adjustments (balancing) 
- Fret level and fret dressing


Nut fabrication
- Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul nut fabrication
- String spacing rule (use)




The Course will be held in my shop located in Blauvelt NY. It is a clean friendly environment. Each student  will have their own workstation. Basic setup tools will be provided. Hot and cold beverages will be at hand throughout the day. There’s nothing like the smell of hot coffee brewing in a guitar shop. We get a 1 hr lunch break per day. The shop is located in a great area, nice views and great nightlife activity is not far off. At the end of the day, after each class is over, we could have a guitar lick trader or jam session. (2) spots will be available per course. Room and board is available. See below. 



Class Start/ End Times

8:30 am (Sharp) - 5:00pm



Setup/Repair workshop

$525.00 2 day course only.

(With free guitar)


Nut making workshop

$465.00 2 day course only.

(Materials included)

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