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My custom guitars are only outfitted with high quality materials unless otherwise specified by the client. Configured with handpicked woods, CTS potentiometers, vintage cloth wiring, high quality pickups and top rated capacitors. Every guitar made in my shop is built to my client's specifications, after consultation. They boast smooth comfortable contours that moulds right into your body.      


Anzalone Guitars' is a full service repair shop. I invite you to my comfortable non cluttered environment for a one on one consultation (with your instrument). During our first consultation we will do a complete scan of your instrument. We will document your needs, recommendations, and  prior damage, if any. I can't tell you how many times my customers were grateful as they had no prior knowledge of small dings, chips, dents and cracks. Rest assured, your guitar is in the best hands your money can buy.


Unlike repairs, modifications are enhancements.They are upgrades to your guitars' components to enhance playability and/or tonal qualities. Playability enhancements may include installation of new quality tuners, a new bone nut, new quality tremolo or bridge, custom frets (that conform to Your playing style), etc. Tonal enhancement can be achieved by simply adding a vintage or quality capacitor(s) of the right rating into the circuit (they play a major role in dialing in your perfect tone know as "the sweet spot"), Installing new pickups (active/passive circuits) or series/parallel wiring configuration, new quality CTS potentiometers, cloth wiring, quality switches etc. So if you want to make your guitar breathe and play at peak performance. Give us a call or stop by the shop. <contact info>


Ever thought of being a guitar repair-man/women? Here is a compact -hands on- detail introduction into guitar mechanics. This two day course is designed to get you familiar with setup techniques and practices used by the pros. We will touch on all the following subjects that play a vital role in achieving a professional setup and maximizing peak performance. Truss rod adjustment, nut action, fret action, intonation, tremolo balancing, pickup height, circuits and operation (current flow, use of capacitors, pickup replacement, component replacement, soldering techniques etc.), fret level/dressing, spot leveling. You will carve and fabricate a bone nut. You will know which tools you need to acquire if you plan on doing professional setups and repairs. For more info go to our Workshops page.

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