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Steel String Guitar or Bass


12-String Guitar


Locking-Tremolo Guitar


Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo






Guitar or Bass (Electric or Acoustic)

$70 and up


Requires neck removal for truss-rod adjustment

Add $10


Non-locking tremolo bridge

Add $10


Locking tremolo bridge

Add $25



Add $25


Resonator Guitar



Lap Steel Guitar












Tune banjo head

Add $30


Includes: restring, tighten and lubricate all hardware, clean and test electronics, replace battery if needed (Battery not included), adjust or rehang loose wiring, clean and condition fingerboard, fret polish to remove minor scratches, pits and corrosion, cleaning of entire guitar, adjust truss- rod to correct neck relief, adjust saddle radius to match fingerboard, adjust action at bridge, file nut slots for proper string movement, adjust intonation, adjust tremolo bridge setting toplayer’s preference, add/remove trem-springs as needed (parts not included), adjust pickup balance, full inspection and play test.


Fret leveling and refret work requires a setup; refrets include leveling of the fingerboard. All prices are for non-cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate.


Fret edge dress 



Full fret level 

$150 + Setup


Full refret – unbound neck 

$380 + Setup


Full refret – bound neck

$440 + Setup


Partial fret level

$10 per fret + Setup


Partial refret – unbound neck

$25 per fret + Setup


Partial refret - bound neck

$30 per fret + Setup


Glue loose frets

$5 per fret + Setup


Nut Replacement

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance. Prices do not include finish touch-up; Lacquered-over nuts will be replaced as carefully as possible to leave a clean result. Cosmetic- repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate.

6-String guitar

$40 + setup Pre-made

$90 + setup Custom Made


4-String bass

$35 + setup Pre-made

$90 + setup Custom Made


12-String guitar

$55 + setup Pre-made

$120 + setup Custom Made



$50 + setup Pre-made

$120 + setup Custom Made


Banjo or ukulele

$35 + setup Pre-made

$90 + setup Custom Made


Locking nut

$35 + setup Pre-made


Additional string slot

Add $15

Bridge & Saddle Replacement

Electric Guitar

Saddle or bridge replacement requires a setup with new strings. Note that most Gibson style Tune-o-matic saddles and bridges do not come with a string notch and will be subject to the additional charge. Prices are for direct replacement only and do not include routing, drilling or replacement of anchors; ask the technician for an estimate on such services.


Saddles (Guitar or bass)

$5 per saddle + Setup


Tune-o-matic bridge (Gibson style)

$15 + Setup


Notch Tune-o-matic Saddle

Add$5 per saddle


Surface-mount bridge (Most basses & hardtail guitars)

$30 + Setup


Telecaster bridge

$40 + Setup


Synchronized tremolo bridge (2-point mounting)

$30 + Setup


Vintage-style tremolo bridge (6-screw mounting)

$35 + Setup


Locking-tremolo bridge (Floyd-Rose style)

$45 + Setup


Floating Bridge (Archtop) Sanded to match top contour

$65 + Setup


Acoustic Instruments

A setup is required for saddle replacement. Premade saddles must be hand fit and adjusted to perform properly, custom saddles are hand-made from a blank.


Acoustic Guitar premade saddle

$20 + Setup


Acoustic Guitar Custom made saddle with compensation

$60 + Setup


Ukulele premade Saddle

$15 + Setup


Ukulele Custom made Saddle

$30 + Setup


Banjo Bridge

$25 + Setup


Mandolin, sanded to match top contour

$65 + Setup


***For acoustic guitar bridge replacement, see Structural Repairs***

Electronic Repairs and Service

Electronic repairs are subject to the minimum charge of $15, and otherwise billed at the bench rate of $72 per hour. ($1.20 per minute).


Electronic repairs minimum charge

$15.00 and up


Shield control cavity



Electronic Component Replacement

All electronic component replacements are subject to the base price of $15 plus the charge for the specific component. The base price is one-time-only; if multiple components are being replaced, the base price is only charged once. Archtop guitars without easy access to the control cavity must have the entire control harness removed through the f-hole, these situations are subject to an extra charge of $35.


Base Price



*Archtop guitar without electronics access

Add $30


*Requires new mounting hole in plastic pickguard

Add $10


*Requires new mounting hole in solid body

Add $15


Output jack

Add $15


Control pot

Add $15


Pickup selector switch (Gibson style)

Add $20


Pickup selector switch (Fender style)

Add $30


Fender Super Switch

Add $50



Add $20


Push-pull pot

Add $35


Kill Switch

Add $10


9v battery clip

Add $10


Battery box (Direct replacement, soldering included)

Add $15

Pickup Installation


Electric Guitar & Bass

Prices are for direct replacement pickups and do not include routing or modification of the body.


One pickup



Two pickups



Three pickups



Archtop guitar without electronics access panel

Add $35


4-conductor pickup with switching (mini-switch or push/pull pot)

Add $15


Telecaster bridge pickup

Add $20 or restring


Roland MIDI pickup, removable screw-in style



Active Pickups (EMG)

Switching from passive to active pickups requires installation of control pots, output jack and a battery. If no battery is provided, a Duracell battery will be added to the bill. Prices do not include routing or modification of the body. Newer pickups feature a solderless quick connect system, this can be bypassed for a traditional soldered connection if desired. (Please specify)

Telecaster style (2 pickups, 2 pots, one jack, one battery)

$75  Quick Connect

$130.00  Soldered


Stratocaster style (3 pickup, three pots, one jack, one battery)

$95  Quick Connect

$145.00   Soldered


Les Paul style (Two pickups, four pots, one jack, one battery)

$95  Quick Connect

$145.00    Soldered


Acoustic Instruments

Installing an undersaddle pickup will raise the instruments action slightly; prices include lowering the saddle to compensate for this unless otherwise requested.


Install new undersaddle or contact pickup with endpin jack



Install new soundhole pickup with endpin jack



Install floating bridge pickup for mandolin or archtop guitar



Install banjo pickup with flange-mounted output jack



Prices are for pre-made pickguards not requiring modification or drilling. Custom pickguards may be available, ask the technician for a quote.


Install Stratocaster style pickguard



Install floating pickguard (Les Paul, archtop, mandolin etc,)



Requires drilling of new mounting screw holes

Add $10


Install new self-stick acoustic pickguard or tap plates




Single tuner replacement

Includes replacement of single string (string not included). Prices are for direct replacement and do not include reaming or shimming.


Geared tuner replacement


Friction tuner replacement


Banjo 5th string tuner



Complete Tuner Set Replacement

Doweling does not include finish repair; cosmetic-repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate. Restringing or setup is required for replacement. Strings can be re-used if desired, but the price for a restring will still be added.

Classical guitar

$15 + restring or setup


Guitar or bass (Steel string)

$25+ restring or setup


12-String guitar (Steel string)

$40+ restring or setup


Friction tuners (banjo or ukulele)

$45+ restring or setup


Requires reaming

Add $20


Requires doweling of old set-screw holes

Add $20


Requires drilling of new set-screw holes

Add $20


Requires new guide pin hole (Sperzel or Schaller style)

Add $30

Miscellaneous Installs & Services

Install new strap button or strap lock

$6 each


Dowel and re-drill loose strap button

$15 each


Humidity treatment

$30 +setup


Install new banjo head (includes setup)



Install banjo “railroad spike” capo

$15 each


Block tremolo bridge (front only)



Block tremolo bridge (front & back)



Install Bigsby Tremolo (Les Paul, Archtop or Thinline)

$40 + Restring or Setup


Structural Repairs

All structural repairs are billed at the bench rate of $78 per hour ($1.30 per minute).

The minimum approvals listed represent the typical cost of a non-cosmetic repair in a best-case scenario repair. These prices are not a firm quote and may be revised by the technician, the customer will be contacted if the cost will exceed the minimum approval.


Minimum Approval


Broken Headstock:

Minor: Partially Attached, easy alignment

$90 + Setup


Major: Fully Detached

$180 + Setup


Brace Repair:

Minor: Loose or cracked brace



Major: Fully detached or loose in multiple areas



Crack Repair:

Minor: Closed crack, easy alignment



Major: Open crack requiring humidity or splint



Bridge Repair:

Lifting bridge removal and reglue

$180 + setup


Lifting bridge removal and reglue with undersaddle pickup

$225 + Setup


Neck Reset (Traditional):

Bolt on heel with glued fingerboard extension

$360 + setup



$540 + setup

Neck reset (Taylor NT)


Taylor Neck reset, includes shim exchange.

$75 + setup

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